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Base Camp is a term in the Pathways educational program. It refers to a starting point for members within Pathways. In order to access it, one leaves the Toastmasters International website and goes to a separate website hosting the Pathways site.

Toastmasters International redesigned Base Camp in May of 2020, although the general functionality remained the same.

Base Camp contains a variety of options, including the ability to access the Education Transcript, Speech Evaluation forms, and other items.

One might expect the Base Camp webpage to contain a photo of mountains along with tents constituting a mountaineers' base camp, but that does not exist. Instead, there were originally photos of people in office settings. The term "Base Camp" appeared only in the lower portion of the webpage, so one had to scroll down to see it. The redesigned Base Camp has the words "Base Camp" in a much more visible spot in the top portion of the page, and the photos are gone. The layout of clickable items on the page has also been simplified.

Club Officers who administer Pathways for the club do not go to Base Camp, but instead go to the Base Camp Manager home page in order to handle administrative matters.

See also Base Camp Manager, Pathways Start Page, E-portfolio, Education Transcript and Curriculum.