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A Contest Organizer (called Contest Chair in the Speech Contest Rulebook)handles the organizational details needed to put together a contest. The individual responsible for the contest will usually find and enlist the Contest Organizer, so for example an Area Director who is responsible for an Area Contest may seek a Contest Organizer.

The Contest Organizer should start at least three months in advance to ascertain the date (which will probably be set by the responsible individual after consulting with District Officers), find a location for the contest, secure a Chief Judge and enlist the assistance of other individuals to handle food, set-up and clean-up, functionary roles, and other matters needed to successfully put on a contest.

Some Contest Organizers choose to use the experience as the basis for their High Performance Leadership program, which is a series of projects (with supervision by a panel) contained in a package of materials that may be obtained from the Toastmasters International Online Store.

Various checklists for Contest Organizers can be found online or obtained from individuals who have previously served as a Contest Organizer.