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A Designation is an award by Toastmasters International of a title when a member has completed the requirements for the designation. While the designation may be referred to by its complete name, such as Competent Communicator or Competent Leader, normally the designations appear as abbreviations after a person's name, such as John Smith, CC, CL.

See also Toastmasters Recognition and leadership track.

The Accredited Speaker designation is intended for professional speakers.

See also some former designations which are no longer available: ATM, CTM and AL. The designations which are available in 2017, such as CC, CL, etc., are not awarded under the new Pathways program, although through June 2022 members working on the legacy educational program were still able to earn them. Due to the coronavirus situation, TI extended the option to earn the ALS and legacy DTM through June 2021 under some circumstances.

Pathways retains the DTM designation, but otherwise new types of designations are awarded. They are abbreviated by taking the initials of the path and then the level: for example, a member who has completed level one of the Dynamic Leadership path receives the designation "DL-1" (sometimes written as "DL1").