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Founder's District TV presents regular video podcasts regarding Founders District events and news and commentary in a fun way. Episodes are posted on its web site at Founder's District TV was created by Daniel Cossack and published their first episode on August 8, 2012. The crew meets once a month on the third Thursday of the month at iWink Studios in Irvine, CA.

See also Public Relations Manager.

Vision Statement

Share the value of communication and leadership in an entertaining manner to maintain and increase club membership.

Mission Statement

To carry out the mission of the District F by extending the public relations arm of the district in providing a monthly video podcast, delivering news, education, and member recognition to the members of Founder's District locally, and to the potential members of Founder's District generally.

Cast and Crew

  • Executive Producer - Ceara Crawford
  • Production Manager - Danielle Brown
  • Host - Michael Varma
  • News Blitz - Steve Itzkowitz
  • Editorial - Mabel Kong
  • Camera 1 - Jon Hartowicz
  • Camera 2 - Greg Stevenson
  • Editing - Daniel Cossack