How To Update Your Club Officer List

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Each Toastmasters club elects club officers either annually or semi-annually. Clubs that meet once or twice a month may elect club officers annually. Annual elections for club officers happen the first meeting in May for the term beginning July 1. Clubs that meet weekly may elect club officers semi-annually. Semi-annual elections for club officers happen in May and December for terms starting July 1 and January 1 respectively. All clubs are required to submit their list of elected officers by June 30, and clubs that elect officers semi-annually are also required to submit their elected officers list by December 31. Submitting the elected club officers list on time and paying club dues on time earns the club goal #10 of the Distinguished Club Program.

How to Submit

1. One of the current club officers will log in to the Toastmasters International web site at

2. Select Leadership Central > Club Central


2a. If you are an officer of more than one club, select the club to manage.

3. Select Club Officer Assignment


4. Ensure Future is highlighted. Then, for each office, use the down arrow to select a member. At a minimum, clubs must assign a President, a Secretary, and at least one Vice President. These must be three different people.


5. Click the Save button, and you're done!