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The Humormaster position is a Club Meeting Role. It is not, however, one of the standard Club Meeting Roles, and not all clubs have a Humormaster at their Meetings. The Humormaster may be considered a functionary or may be considered as a role separate from the regular functionaries. The Humormaster is sometimes referred to by other names such as Jokemaster.

A Humormaster may be on the agenda near the start of the Meeting or near the end. Some Clubs like to start off the main portion of the Meeting with humor, while others like to do it near the end of the meeting, so that the Humormaster may, if he or she wishes, create some humor connected with events that have happened during that day's Meeting.

Because Toastmasters International maintains Standards of Conduct, a Humormaster must be careful not to utilize humor which violates those standards.