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A Club member is an individual who has applied to, and has been invited to join, a Club. Article II of the Club Constitution has several sections describing membership. A member must be at least 18 years of Age. To join a Club, the applicant shall be declared elected upon the favorable vote of at least a majority of the active individual members of this club present and voting at a business meeting of the club membership, according to the Club Constitution.

The Club Constitution also contains procedures to Discipline/Expel/Suspend/Decline to Renew Membership with regard to a member. If a Club refuses to expel a member who has been violating Toastmasters International standards, the Club can be expelled, subject to conditions stated in the Club Constitution.

A member may pay a New Member Fee and Dues. A member may seek Reinstatement. A member may Transfer to another Club. A member may participate in a Club Vote on club matters. Some members are eligible to become Club Officers, but others are not - to give some examples, a member elected as president for a term of one year may not be re-elected for a successive term, and inactive and honorary individual members are not eligible to serve in any club office.

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