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The Pathways Start Page is a web page that is part of the Toastmasters International website. Through it, a member can leave the TI website and go into Pathways, which is hosted at a different website. The Pathways Start Page has a variety of options: 1) one can choose a new path; 2a) one can access the Pathways website via Base Camp; 2b) if an authorized Club Officer, one can access the Base Camp Manager home page within Pathways; or 3) one can access a reference document called Navigator.

To get to the Pathways Start Page, begin at the Toastmasters International website. Choose the menu option called Pathways, and then the option called Go To Base Camp. This will not take you immediately to Base Camp, but will show you the Pathways Start Page, one of whose options is to then go to Base Camp.

Note that nowhere on the Pathways Start Page does that name appear. Instead, it appears to be called Pathways Learning Experience. However, once inside of Pathways, it is called the Pathways Start Page if you wish to return to it.

In 2019 Toastmasters added another way to access Base Camp, by going through the member profile page at the Toastmasters International website. In addition, beginning in 2019, members who are not authorized to act as Base Camp Managers may find that clicking on Go To Base Camp (see above) may take them directly to the Education Transcript, thus skipping the Base Camp step entirely.