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Realignment is a process whereby clubs are shifted into different areas or divisions. Realignment is necessary because, over the course of a year, some new clubs may become chartered, while some other clubs may become suspended. In order to give all Area Directors a roughly equal roster of clubs in their Area, the District realignment Chair works to move clubs around as necessary and feasible.

Realignment may also occur to districts, which may be put into other regions, although this does not happen every year.

If a club moves its meeting location to a spot that is in another district's territory, the club may be realigned into that district.

Realignment is discussed at the Toastmasters International website in Alignment and Planning [1]. Realignment is final on July 15 of each year.

The Chair for this process has been Bob Hudack, a PDG, during the years 2009 through at least 2019.