Toastmasters Demographics

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Toastmasters International has posted a set of demographics about Toastmasters. Interestingly, approximately 20% of Toastmasters fall into each of the following age groups: 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and 55-64. The gender is split roughly 50-50.

Nearly 40% of Toastmasters have a college degree, while 30% have a master's degree. The most common industries for Toastmasters are 1) information and communication, 2) finance and insurance, and 3) professional, scientific and technical services.

Income is split pretty evenly among income brackets up to $150,000. Above that, of course, there are fewer people who earn that much. Almost 5% of Toastmasters, however, earn over $200,000.

Nearly one quarter of all Toastmasters speak more than one language well.

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