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Community Club

Chartered 1992

Watermeisters is a club in Founders District, chartered in 1992. As of 2015-16, it is in Area C-5. In 2016-17, it will move to Area C-4.

Watermeisters was formed by employees of the Orange County Sanitation District and the Orange County Water District. The club is open to others, and as of 2016 is approximately 50% employees of OCSD and OCWD, and 50% individuals from the surrounding community. The club meets in the Boardroom of the Sanitation District in the city of Fountain Valley very near where the 405 Freeway meets Euclid Ave. As of 2016, meetings are every Wednesday at 12:05 for one hour.

Watermeisters typically has more than 20 members, and various Watermeisters have served in leadership roles. Long-time Watermeisters include Jeremy Davis DTM, Juanita Skillman DTM, Marie Hulett DTM, Ingrid Hellebrand, Barbara Collins, Michelle Hetherington and Randy Kleinman.

Past Area Directors that have had Watermeisters in their roster of clubs include Asad Ali, Della Mahone, Randy Kleinman, John Muse, Debra Reisdorph and Chris Gregory.

In 2016 International President-Elect Mike Storkey attended a special meeting of Watermeisters to bestow an award on the Orange County Sanitation District for its long-time support of the Toastmasters club which meets on its premises.